Cloud Software vs Spreadsheets

In this digital age what is the best method of keeping a record of your accounts when running a small business, with tight budgets and very little excess cash to spend on a software package? Many are still going for the traditional method of spreadsheets for keeping accounting records. Its free, and spreadsheets can easily be manipulated when you need … Continue reading

How Much is Your Time Worth?

Small business owners are usually chief cook, bottle wash etc. but there comes a point as you grow when daily admin tasks can seem to be a bit overwhelming. We all start off trying to do everything for ourselves, to keep control, to keep costs down, or just because of that feeling ‘no-one can do a job as well as … Continue reading

The challenges of starting out in business

There are many reasons why someone decides to go into business for themselves, it could be that they are tired of being answerable to someone else, slogging their guts out for very little rewards or appreciation, maybe just a burning desire to be their own boss or an idea or a skill that they can turn into a profitable business … Continue reading

A New Year – A Time for Change?

A New Year – A Time for Change?

As another year passes by and we roll into a new one, for many it is a time for reflection, to look back on the previous one and make plans for the year ahead;  things you want to do, the direction in which  you want to be heading, setting goals and for many making those traditional new year resolutions.  For … Continue reading